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Dron Services Canarias was born under the premise of offering a fully specialized, personalized service, treating each client individually. For this we have gathered the best professionals in the sector, people with passion for what they do and we have provided them with the best material available in the market.

At this moment our company is positioned as a reference within the companies of this incipient sector, working for important clients at national and international level.

Betting on innovation and the application of new technologies in the field of cinema, inspections, security, emergencies, training and agroforestry.

More than 1500 annual flight hours guarantee us.


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The company or aerial operator must be authorized for this purpose in the State Agency of Aviation Safety AESA, being able to check this through its website in the updated list for this purpose.
It must have contracted a specific civil liability insurance for unmanned aircraft by remote control and specifically for the heading of scenarios that are intended to work.
The pilot of the remote-controlled unmanned aircraft must have a valid medical certificate that certifies that he/she is in optimum conditions to fly.
All this documentation shall be present at all times every time the aircraft takes off and may be required by any public authority for verification, especially for inspectors of the State Aviation Safety Agency.

Of course we are. We are authorized by the State Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) to fly unmanned aircraft or RPAS in controlled airspace (CTR), urban and night.
Our staff has the title of advanced drone pilot and have the necessary aeronautical medical certificate in force, in addition to the specific liability insurance for the flight of unmanned aircraft, a prerequisite for operations. And if necessary and depending on the location of the shooting, we request the necessary permits to the various agencies, AESA, nearby airfields, Air Staff, etc … so that the flights comply with all regulations.

The drone operating company is responsible for the operation and for complying with the regulations. It must comply with civil aviation laws, data protection law, law on the right to honor, privacy and self-image, and restrictions on taking aerial images by the Air Staff. The fines that can be imposed by the State Aviation Safety Agency are up to 4.5 million euros.
Although the drone operating company is responsible for the entire operation, in the event that it is not authorized by AESA and the pilot cannot pay the financial penalty, the client would be liable in a subsidiary manner for these fines.
As a customer you should never hire a company or operator not authorized, you could incur heavy fines in that case. Check the necessary requirements and always demand them before hiring.

Drones in Canary Islands

If you need a specialized drone service in Tenerife, Dron Services Canarias is the best and the most professional company that exists in all the Canary Islands to be able to capture any corner that is out of your reach. Our team offers enough training and demonstrable experience to fly over the Tenerife sky and capture what you cannot. Contact us and we will offer you a budget adjusted to your pocket without losing the quality that your project needs. We are specialized in aerial images with a video production that uses the latest emerging technology. Take a look at our website and you will see why we are the leaders flying over the skies of Tenerife. Don’t let your projects and illusions behind because of lack of knowledge and inexperience. Dron Services Canarias will make your aerial images that dream come true for a budget that fits your pocket.

Drone company in Spain

Dron Services Canarias is a leading drone company in Spain. All our team has received the necessary training to be able to fly over any airspace of national territory with all the permissions that the law establishes for this type of aerial vehicle. Thanks to our company you will be able to carry out any type of project that you have in your hands and that you have not been able to develop due to lack of budget and lack of information. Dron Services Canarias gives you the best prices in the market and you will have the security of a team whose training is perfect for aerial work of capturing images and videos from drone view, highly demanded by different sectors such as advertising and / or music. Contact us through our website and ask for a free quote. Do not let more days go by and hire our drone company in Spain with total guarantee.

Services with drones

Nowadays, the way of recording and capturing aerial images has changed compared to a few years ago. Drone services are a new way to see the world as if we were a bird. Dron Services Canarias puts at your disposal the best professional drone pilots so that your request can be done in the best possible way and with a very affordable price. Drone services are not only valid for filming, advertising and/or documentaries, these aerial vehicles can be useful for other situations such as aerial inspections and data analysis. Take a look at our website and you will be able to see in detail everything that our drone services can cover. Ask us for a no obligation quote and you will see that Dron Services Canarias does not compromise on the quality of its services offering the most competitive prices in the market.

Professional Drone Company

A professional drone company has to offer its customers the best services for capturing aerial images and / or videos as currently, many sectors need this type of aerial vehicles to obtain a superlative result in their projects. Dron Services Canarias not only captures aerial video and images for documentaries, promotional videos, advertising campaigns, films, our team is sufficiently trained for other tasks such as rescue and emergency services, visualization of places where humans cannot access, creation of maps through aerial images that determine land and sea surfaces, etc… Get the best results with the most complete professional drone company in the Canary Islands and Iberian Peninsula.

Drone companies Tenerife

Dron Services Canarias is one of the best drone companies in the Canary Islands. We are a Drone Operator that is authorized indefinitely by the Spanish Aviation Safety Agency (AESA) and by the European Aviation Safety Agency (EASA) to operate in controlled airspace (CTR) and in night and urban environment (FIZ). These ratings are essential for professional work with unmanned aircraft so we are a perfect company if you need to hire drone services in the Canary Islands. Our staff is formed by qualified pilots and we offer aeronautical liability insurance in accordance with current regulations and with worldwide coverage. We offer the experience of more than two decades in commercial aviation so you can fully trust Dron Services Canarias along with their rates as they are the most competitive in the market.

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